Why are so many articles here incomplete?

Simples – I haven’t written them yet. I’m trying to get a structure for the base information i deem appropriate for this new website structure. Most of my articles are written from many years of experience – plus the research gleaned from current & reliable sources available at this time of writing with the addition […]

Search Engine Basics

Search Engines in Layman’s terms. Why they are so important in this day and age. Make no underestimation on this – this is an ABSOLUTELY HUGE subject and one that changes very frequently indeed. This is not a de-facto guide by any means, and elements of this article could be out of date even a […]

AI – The Benefits & Downfalls

i will state this from the onset. I think AI is potentially a great – if not one of the greatest development in content creation – in recent times. Not everyone will agree with me , and i do fully understand why some people may be staunchly against the rise of AI (artificial intelligence) when […]

Buy Cheap – Buy Twice!

Buying cheap is a wonderful thing, when done right. We all love a bargain – but in the world of web – can also can lead to much more issues in the long term (or even short term) if careful consideration is not given from the very outset.

How a WordPress Website Works

Here I will try to explain the foundations and hierarchy of What a WordPress Website contains, the structure and components – and how to understand the components that make your website tick.